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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Planning another Gruntz game as a follow on from last week’s Scourge victory. 

The Scourge are now moving towards the Star port and Star gate hoping to take these to stop any chance of human reinforcements. If they manage to take both of these assets then they will be free to eradicate the rest of the human population and begin extracting the resources they require. This will mean the total desolation of the planet as they will strip it bare of all it resources, leaving it uninhabitable. The Star port and gate must not fall.

The Scourge line up ready for the assault.

The Human forces prepare to defend the spaceport.

2 wheeled tanks block the runways. backed up by 2 APC's

A heavy assault tank defends the Stargate. ignore the 2 Jaffa by the gate I just put them there while I was setting stuff up and they are not part of the game.

Fuel pumping station with APC guarding it.

a wheeled tank blocks the runway

The Scourge commander and his body guards, a squad of infantry and 2 Thugs.

Front View

Infantry and a Mech help to hold the Spaceport perimeter

Ground Zero buggies set off to lend a hand.

The other side of the Spaceport and another tank blocking the runway.

Another view of the Stargate, again ignore the Jaffa there not supposed to be there. 

The commander next to his command tank sets up the battle plan on his iPad

So that's the table is set up, just need to see how it plays out tonight.

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  1. Really great scenery Dave. The MDF Stargate has come out well.