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Monday, 26 October 2015

Rebel Mini's Scourge v Khurasan Fedral Marines

Just thought I would post a couple photos of a game we had last week Reber Mini's Scourge v Khurasan Miniatures Fedral infantry. The scourge were backed up with some Rebel Mini's CAT's and some Necron destroyers that I use as Scourge tanks. The fed's were backed up with some Critical Mass Mechs.

The scenario was that the Scourge, after invading the colony and beating off the first wave of resistance were moving on to take out the colony's ComSat station to prevent the colonists requesting off world help. The local Fedral marine force were wise to the scourge movements and dropped off a platoon of marines half a klick down the road from the station, with orders to hold at all cost. While a platoon of recce Mech, on patrol in the area were to make there way to the station and reinforce the defenders.

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  1. Thanks for hosting the game and posting the photographs. First chance I've had to see the other side of the table.
    Superb figures and terrain as always.
    Keep it coming!