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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Some Random Photos

I was clearing out some folders today , computer spring cleaning. so I though I would post some of the older pic's I was throwing out, least they be forgotten. This is a pretty random lot.

First up some ground zero games Crusties, power armour and infantry.

Next up the Scourge. Rebel Mini's Cat's Scourge AT teams and Flamer teams.

Scourge Infantry.

Necron used as tanks and a commander.

Last up a Critical Mass APC with a new turret and some add on defence turrets

The Figures next to the APC are Khurasan Marines.

Future War Commander Game 2

Well we played another game of FWC on Wednesday and surprise, surprise it was just as enjoyable as the first one.  there were only two of us playing, which is a shame as I would really have liked to try this as a multi-player game. There can be between 6-8 of us crammed into the shed on a Wednesday night so a good multi-player game once in a while is great for all concerned. We have 2 6x4 tables end to end so two games can be played simultaneously or one big 12x4.

Anyway back to the game. This was another play off using the same forces as Monday night (played at the Falkirk Club) I wanted to keep things as simple as possible so the 2 forces were mirror images of each other. I didn't want to stat up all the units using the unit generator at the moment in case the game system was a bust i.e. we found something we couldn't live with.

So far the game pro's

Its quick and as I said before fun, plus little brain ache. The dice pool system makes it easy to work out attacks quickly, for those that don't know the system a unit has a set amount of dice to attack with, if the unit moves it loses 1 dice, if it fires at a flank or rear it adds 1 dice, if its under half range then it adds 1, simples eh. Its a 456 to hit in the open 56 cover 6 hard cover, but I don't see why the dice pool mechanic could not be extended to that as well i.e. in the open normal number of dice, cover -1 dice hard -2 dice and leave the to hit number at 4+. i haven't done the maths on that yet but its worth taking a look at. 

The order system is straight from Warmaster (well after all its a game based on Warmaster) we modified this straight off the bat by saying that if you failed your first order of the turn then you got one free move or fire.

We didn't have to refer to the QRS at all, once you have the basics in your head (normally after the first turn) the only thing we found we had to reference was the unit sheet for each army for movement, attacks and defence.

Cons so far.

None really, the recce units need a bit work and there isn't a feel of "this aint Kansas anymore" i.e. there isn't any rules for low grav or vacuum combat but thats easy to sort.

Infantry moves are quite slow which means they need battle taxis, and if they stay in them too long they are toast. Plus infantry can't move and fire but the vehicles can. The only other thing is that is a feeling of sameness in the unit stats i.e. its quit possible to have Power armoured infantry with the same points as a tank with worse or similar stats.

None of this is a deal breaker though and I have a feeling they will do nicely until something else comes along plus any of the perceived problems are easily fixed/tinkered with.

It makes me wonder if some of the other older 6mm rules would be worth returning to for another look i.e. dirt side, I think someone came up with a chart to replace the chit system, or trying out Nordic Weasels (god I love that moniker) new Laserstorm rules. Anyway coffee break over time to return to rule writing and tinkering.

PS We are using virtual commanders as I don't want to waste miniatures on command bases that don't really do anything apart from mark the centre for command and control. these are the round and square orange tokens you can see on the table. The blast shaped ones are used to mark suppressed units. 

The maelstrom in the middle of the table with burning vehicles everywhere.

The right flank Infantry scamper for cover while Lt tanks and APC cower from the coming onslaught.

The centre again from the other side.

The landing field adjacent to the farm complex with yet to be painted dropship, well its to be finished off.

Another view of the centre with a GZG Recce Buggy designating for a smart missile team on the left, Brigade models tank (not sure which) and Rhino Tank centre and right respectively, plus 2 critical mass walkers. Infantry are Khurasan Fedral infantry.

Khurasan heavy tank creeping up the centre of the farm complex with a Brigade models Rhino Tank waiting in ambush.

2 Brigade Tanks Brewed up by advancing Critical Mass power armoured infantry groups 

Another view of the centre.

Right flank of the rebel troops trying to outflank the government heavy tank holding the woods.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Future War Commander

I had used this set of rules in the past once or twice but it fell out of favour with me for some reason or other. After last Wednesday's disapointing game using Gruntz and the quest for the perfect Sci-Fi rule set, I decided to wheel it out and give it a another try. To my astonishment it played really well, the game was fluid and full of action and gave a really fun game. Mind you Bill and I were probably not using some of the rules correctly, but it's made me want to play it again and explore its possibilities.

We're going to have a another shot at it this Wednesday with different players and try a multiplayer game, probably just use the same units as the game we had on Monday, just so we can get the hang of the rules.

Pictures of Monday's game below, if I get time I will do an AAR with some comments on the game rules.