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Monday, 2 November 2015

Future War Commander

I had used this set of rules in the past once or twice but it fell out of favour with me for some reason or other. After last Wednesday's disapointing game using Gruntz and the quest for the perfect Sci-Fi rule set, I decided to wheel it out and give it a another try. To my astonishment it played really well, the game was fluid and full of action and gave a really fun game. Mind you Bill and I were probably not using some of the rules correctly, but it's made me want to play it again and explore its possibilities.

We're going to have a another shot at it this Wednesday with different players and try a multiplayer game, probably just use the same units as the game we had on Monday, just so we can get the hang of the rules.

Pictures of Monday's game below, if I get time I will do an AAR with some comments on the game rules.

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