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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Hi All

Just thought I would try out uploading some photo's of a recent game we had in the shed.

I will try and do an AAR if I get the time and inclination.

The Combine Forces 3 Medium Walkers, 3 squads of infantry, 1 medic,
1 sub commander all in clam shell armour 3 medium missile teams.
The Pan European Forces ! Tank Platoon, 1 Armoured Infantry Platoon,
an Anti Aircraft Section and a Command tank for the Commander.
The 2 light tanks to the left of the picture did not take part in the battle.
Pan European Command Tank, Commander with Holo Projector,
Sub commander and Engineer.

The Armoured Infantry Platoon

The Tank Platoon
The Battlefield. The outskirts of Hamburg.
View of the Hover truck carrying the portable nuke,
the Spetznaz team lurking behind, waiting for the relief troops to arrive.

Another view of the battlefield

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